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Dimension: 215(L) x 100(W) x 67(H) mm
Weight: 2.30 ~ 2.50 kg/pc
Compressive Strength: > 45 N/mm2
Water Absorption: < 12%

Brings your home a look of old charm

Brick has much more features than what people have in mind. For example, one of its special features is its enduring beauty that mellows with time. This line of new products is especially crafted to reproduce the unique features of aged brickwork.


  • Unique eroded appearance blended with distinct tones in every single piece of brick
  • Antique texture promises to add new element to your design to express the charm of an ancient brick house
  • reminiscences the look of century old building, yet retains the richness of authentic burnt clay color

1TB-02 ATQ1

1TB-15 ATQ1

1TB-16 ATQ1

1TB-43 ATQ1

1TB-15 ATQ1 Panel

1TB-16 ATQ1 Panel


* Other colors are also available. Please check with us.


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